Thursday, January 10, 2013

Pixie Cuts....not just for "perfect" skin.

I recently re-cut my hair into a pixie cut (which I love!) and while looking for styles on the internet to figure out exactly what I wanted, I noticed something a few of the sites said.

 "to have a pixie cut, you need perfect skin"

I'm sorry, what was that? Perfect skin? Really?

I disagree with that statement.

I rock the pixie cut look, along with numerous others, and I rather doubt that we all have perfect skin. Sure, we no longer have the option of hiding behind our long locks anymore, but I do not believe perfect skin is necessary. Isn't that what makeup is for? To cover up any imperfections to make the illusion of perfect skin?

Having a pixie cut shows that we have confidence in the way we look by taking away the hair that we could hide behind.

A blemish here and there isn't a big deal. Nor should it stop anyone from getting a pixie cut, because they are adorable and make some look way better than they did in long hair because it can really show off their beautiful features.

I have blemishes. I also have super fair skin, because I cannot tan. Therefore, every little inkling of imperfection pops out like a neon sign on my face. So, I wear makeup and cover those imperfections up. And I rock my pixie cut. :)

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