Thursday, January 10, 2013

Which Pixie cut fits your face type


Thinking of cutting off your long locks and getting a dramatic, stylish pixie cut? Considering I have one myself, I'd say to GO FOR IT! Which style pixie cut? Edgy? Soft? Slightly longer? Well, this depends on which shape your face it. There are different styles that suits your face shape better and brings out the best and most beautiful qualities in your face. There are many different face shapes to consider, such as: oval, round, heart, diamond, oblong, and square. Those are the sixth basic shapes. I've heard the term "pear" too, such as in the chart, but that is rarely used. I will try to cover all of these many options.

If your not sure about your face type, I've included a "about face" chart to help you determine it.

Let's start with an oval faced shape. You have an oval shaped face if your face is slighter longer then it is wide, with your jawline slightly rounded and wider at the top. Oval-faced women are lucky because their facial type allows them to pull off pretty much any hair style there is. You could do a super short pixie to maximize drama, or it's also recommended to add soft bangs to the front so you don't add to much length to your face and also to highlight your beautiful facial features. Emma Watson seems to be the poster child for this face in the pixie hair cut department.
 Next, a round facial shape. You have a round face if your face is nearly as wide as it is long, your cheekbones mark the widest spot in your face, and your jawline is round and full. I have a round face, so I went with one of my favorite actresses, Ginnfer Goodwin, gorgeous pixie. A super short pixie may work on this face, but there are going to be some challenges with it. Instead, most hair stylists suggest a longer pixie style to make your features pop better. Make sure to add layers with height to the top of your head to make your face a bit longer. Soft bangs with help minimize roundness of the face. (the redhead is me :) )

Up next, square shaped faces. If you have a square face, the sides of your face are straight and your face is nearly as wide as it is long with your hair line straight and a beautiful defined, straight jawline. Demi Moore or Keira Knightley are great examples of this face type. Because the angles on this type of face can get too harsh with certain types of pixie cuts, soft layers and wispy bangs with some hair left at the nape of the neck is a must. Spiky cuts are the best for square faces.

Now, heart shaped faces. You know you have a heart-shaped face if your face is longer then it is wide, have a "pointy" chin, becoming the narrowest part of your face, your jawling is long, and your face is an inverted triangle or heart shaped in general. Reese Whiterspoon is a good example of this type of face, Miley Cyrus, or Halle Berry. Shorter pixies are best with this facial type because they focus in on the person's eyes. They need to avoid excess volume on the top of their head because it emphasizes the chin too much, making the face much longer. Side swept bangs are best.

Oblong faces shall be the next shape we shall cover. Oblong faces are longer then they are wide, with the jawline, cheekbones and forehead about the same width and a rounded chin. Ashlee Simpson is a good example of this type of face. When choosing a pixie cut for this type of face, you need to pick a cut that reduces the length of your face. Short pixie's with long side swept bangs tend to be the best style for oblong faces; jagged layered pixies are also another excellent choice.

And lastly, but not least, diamond shaped faces. People with diamond shaped faces have wide-set cheekbones, which are the widest part of your face, a slightly pointed chin, with your face slightly longer then it is wide. This facial type also has the lucky advantage of being able to pull off almost any hair do the person pleases, like the oval face. A pixie cut will off set the gorgeos cheekbones diamond faced people have better then long hair, and the options of pixie's are wide ranged. It pretty much depends on what you want to do and what you are comfortable with! However, having a longer pixie cut with longer bangs will really make the cheekbones stand out and look just


  1. This is by far the most useful post on pixie styles as per the shape of face.. I'm most certain I'm diamond or may be round... I have decided to go pixie for the first time and I have realllyy long hair right now.. everybody is against it but I have made up my mind.. I want to go short because I have gone for short bobs thrice before.. Also my hair is very straight and falls flat most of the time which I do not like..If you don't mind can you check out my pics on my blog and tell me what sort of pixie to go for? I could have sent u my pics but I don't see your mail id anywhere. So pls check my blog and let me know on my mail :)

  2. I really, really want a pixie cut, and I know for sure I have a round face, but I don't know if I can pull it off with my thin hair....I have very thin, flat hair. Could something like Goodwin's pixie cut still work for me???? Please help!!

  3. I really really REALLY want a pixie cut, and I think my face is a combination of heart and square, but I can't completely tell! What should I do? Shreeja, you should get a pixie cut with lots of layers to add volume and dimension, and have longer bangs that are angled. Sammie, you also just need to do a lot of layers, with your fine, thin hair, it will add texture and body, without adding so much that your hair goes too choppy. Although, if you have a round face, you may want to go choppier.